The Bronowski Art&Science Forum

“Man is unique not because he does science, and he is unique not because he does art, but because science and art equally are expressions of his marvelous plasticity of mind. “ Jacob Bronowski


The Bronowski Art&Science Forum is on hiatus, the duration of which is uncertain.  We are without a venue; specifically we lack the funds to secure an auditorium.


For 14 years there have been over 100 Forums hosting one hundred and eleven

outstanding Presenters who by their accomplishments are leaders in their endeavors. Forum Presenters have included 36 Artists, 38 Scientists from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, physics, psychology and zoology, 5 Musicians, 8 Architects, 2 Theater Arts individuals, 6 Authors, 4 Photographers and 12 Directors/Deans.  Included are 2 Nobel Laureates.  Chronology and list of Presenters are posted on other pages of this site (see above).   

The Forum attempts in a modest way to maintain the sensibility of Jacob Bronowski’s and Jonas Salk’s original idea of bringing both art and science into a conversation. The Forum hosts conversations, in a public space, between individuals from disparate disciplines: artists and scientists.  Art and science are expressions of the human imagination.  Interesting and often productive conversations emerge when individuals from dissimilar disciplines sit together in conversation.  The Forum, with a nod to Jacob Bronowski, humbly attempts to be that crucible.

Each Forum is an evening with great minds with the intent of inspiring critical thinking with an audience of San Diego’s intellectually curious.

One important aspect of The Forum is that attendance is free and open to the public and presenters to The Forum participate without compensation. 

For the last several years The Forum has been held in the The Neurosciences Institute auditorium.  This auditorium which seats 352 was most usually filled to capacity.  

Recently, The Neurosciences Institute which offered use of their auditorium free of charge as part of NSI’s of the Preforming Arts at The Neurosciences Institute series, lost its lease and reverted back to The Scripps Research Institute commencing in October, 2012. SRI will be charging $1,500 per event for usage of this auditorium, as they do not have the funds to support community arts and cultural programing.

The plight for The Bronowski Art&Science Forum is to find funding, either from an individual or a corporation.

   Ron Newby, Founder & Curator


"Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty."

Jacob Bronowski